Request Customer Portal Access



Customers requesting access to Latitude’s web portal are required to certify export compliance prior to being granted access to technical data.

Compliance Letter Guidelines

All customers in the United States must submit an export compliance letter prior to receiving access.  A template is provided at the bottom of this page, to be submitted on company letterhead.  Note that sections highlighted in red will require editing.

Compliance certification should be written to encompass the entire company and not a specific individual, unless there is only one person that will have access to the technical data.

The US Department of State and the US Department of Commerce place the burden of compliance responsibly on the End User of the technical data and, accordingly, each entity is obligated to show that they are aware of this and that they can comply with these restrictions in writing. Ensure all information on the following form is complete and accurate, and that it is signed by the corporate Compliance Officer or appropriate Corporate Official.

Password Management

Latitude will issue a single username and password for each company requesting web portal access.  If there are multiple people in your company requiring access, then a single point of contact should be responsible for managing the username and password. Refrain from sending usernames and passwords over unsecured e-mail.

Download the following document:

Customer Access - Controlled Goods Certification